Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Princess Profile

Film  Release Year: 1959

Princess Age: 16

Villain: Maleficent

Country of Origin: France

Blood Status: Born a Princess, marries a Prince

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  1. cammymoreno
    May 09, 2015 @ 07:02:12

    Hey. I can move this to the music part once it’s up. ^^ HI, MINA-SAN!

    I hate to be the one to point this out. It may or may not be ‘valid’ and entirely arguable on perspective. Soooooo…. She sings about meeting a man and knowing he will love her just like in her dream. So it’s not entirely surprising when Phillip starts dancing with her, cutting in, and uses her own words back on her to explain his presence. While that is romantic in theory, it is creepy and a bit manipulative in real life. Further, he keeps grabbing her hand when she pulls away. That is a bit creepy, but since she can always pull away, it suggests that he is gentle and simply determined rather than latching on and offering no other option. Her hand stays in his because she wants it to. He apologizes quite nicely before using her words back on her, which also shows genuine good will. Obviously, she’s interested, obviously, so is he. Not really hard to fall in each others’ arms. Extremely simple, Disney style romantic. Sadly that’s all I got. I know I was excited about it when I was little, mainly for the artwork of her sleeping, but I find it ridiculously simple now. I didn’t get to see it much, if at all, when I was little, so nostalgia doesn’t work for me here.
    I assume that this time period is slightly superstitious, even if Christian, and so the line about visions being seldom what they seem is both foreshadowing, and a bit of magic to further their romance. It settles it nicely that they are meant to be with each other. The ‘plot twist’ is sort of lost on us. The audience knows from the beginning who they were. They just didn’t know, but it didn’t cause serious drama for them. That ‘surprise’ was passed over for the escape and dragon encounter.



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