So this is my “What Lies Beneath” Disney Blog, showing the truth behind Disney fairy tales, primarily the princess movies. Disney shapes so many childhoods, and I know that my generation grew up watching these films, so I’d like to examine the rhetoric, psychology and impact of the phenomenon on our lives. It’s interesting because people rarely take the time to analyze something that has been right under our nose for so many years. There’s a reason why everyone seems to find it a childhood necessity, and I would like to find out why. I want to discuss how the actual tales used evolved over time in implications, from Aschenputtel to Swarovski slippers.

Everyone has watched these movies and is familiar, but I want to discuss the white washing of the tales. I see this as a multi-faceted blog with strong research, not just fan theories, that examines good guys and bad, and looks behind the scenes at the meanings we overlooked as children. Other blogs created are too fluffed up, and they don’t actually go in depth. I want to look at this historically as well, and utilize the concept of sound and music as something to examine.

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