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jasmine_from_aladdin_1992_by_princessahagen-d5dk365    8091049495_eb16709dda   2183072199_a85ab72f63_o   mulan_by_Mulan10   download   images (2)   snow_white_from_snow_white_and_the_7_dwarfs_1937_by_princessahagen-d5dk4qm   rapunzel_from_tangeld_2010_by_princessahagen-d5dk46g   portrait_of_belle_by_amberjad3s3xt0n-d5hirgo   images (3)   tiana_from_princess_and_the_frog_2009_by_princessahagen-d5dk5ih

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  1. cammymoreno
    May 05, 2015 @ 06:35:23

    Ice breaker!
    What did one elevator say to another?
    I think I’m coming down with something!

    Why can’t you give Elsa a Balloon?
    Cus she’ll let it go.

    What’s Peter Pan’s favourite restaurant? Wendy’s!
    Random Poll! 😀 Favourite Prince, Princess, and couple/dynamic?

    What kinda blush does Mulan wear?
    Mulan Rouge :p

    Okay, a poll to start conversation rolling. Fav Prince, Princess, Dynamic/couple?

    Fav. male role would probably Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame, but Prince…….. Eric/Adam(Beast)/Milo. We got to see a lot of Eric as a character. He got screen time fighting alongside Ariel, playing music, and being a sailor (hard work or avoiding duties?). Adam invested friendship into the relationship and knew that Belle would love books best and he gave her all he had. 🙂 And let her go. And took her back. Milo is Kida’s consort (King?) A bookwork, plumber, linguistic, and cartographer, he led an expedition to find Atlantis, befriended and helped the people there. And got cool tattoos. 🙂 He was friendly, brave, funny, and just.

    Kida. I love fighters, and she was one, even though she didn’t get to actually fight in the ultimate battle, which was weird since she gained the all-powerful crystal. She was a strong and wise leader. She cared for her people and traditions, but knew that their people were dying and took a chance on outsiders. I do consider her the first Black (all inclusive dark skinned) princess, because of her physique ( I also count Nala and Kiara as African) even though she lives in Atlantis, not Africa and has white hair. The masks were similar to African art. Their architecture looked anything from Olmec to African. I’m upset that they didn’t include her in the Princess line up, possibly because she became Queen, or maybe because she didn’t sing.

    Couple? Shoot I didn’t think this through. Mushu and the cricket? Flynn and Rapunzel, maybe. They have the funniest looking relationship. Its quirky, teasing, and entirely trusting. 🙂

    Anyone have any other favourites?



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